Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Our Earthtones Minerals are made with 100% pure crushed minerals from the earth.

What makes mineral makeup different from traditional makeup isn't the ingredients it contains but what’s left out.

We do not use chemicals, fragrances or fillers (such as talc or rice).

Earthtones Minerals have NO fillers, NO talc, NO flours, NO starch powders, NO bismuth oxychloride, NO phenoxyethanol, NO parabens, NO chemicals, NO harmful preservatives or skin irritants.

Numerous skin specialists recommend mineral cosmetics because it allows your skin to breathe and it is free of additives which can trigger skin irritation. 

Our silky mineral makeup powders go on lightly and because they are made with pure minerals they do not contain any nasty ingredients or fillers.

Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup based on the fact that these left out ingredients are possible skin irritants.

Minerals are non-occlusive, allowing skin to breathe and function normally without being suffocated. Dermatologists and skincare professionals often use mineral makeup to help protect their clients’ sensitive skin.

Pure and simple - that is what is important to us!

And, our products are not tested on animals!